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Financial Projections and Income Management

Today, we service to our customers with 12 Offices in 9 Countries for their investment needs about buying and selling subjects.Under these activities we can touch to over 5 billon dollars construction projects and other areas. We aim to assist to our customers for reach to best solutions in their interested areas as many diffrent ways at below;
Advisor: We assist to our customers according to macro values and increasing datas under global datas
Research: In needed sections, we can search to desired areas for investment and reporting to results according to targets
Marketer: We check to market opportunities and offer to our customers with their benefits.

Construction Projects

As QUALLES Business Solutions Center, we manage to construction projects in Gulf and West African Countries. We go on to our studies construction projects with PPP and other payment methods.

Today, we can manage to project meetings around more than 20 counts and budgets can change from 1 million US Dollars to 3 billion US Dollars.

The projects can be railways, airport, autoban, city establishment…ext.


Propert Management is a big operation and need to experience, cost margin and vision that manage by professional people.

When we look at the this topic, it shows to differency with Field, Company Building, Insutrial Areas, Fabric Areas, House, Residental… ext. So, we properly, prepare to our database with our professionals.

Howeever, as multinational cross, we support to our customers according to thier needs or our reccomendations in their target countries.

We also assist with our branchs in Turkey, Nigeria, Romania, Senegal, Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Giunea.

Company Establishment process go on by our branch offices in service countries. All of the process should be follow up be carefully.

There are three main topics in here;
– Company establishment rules,
– If you will hire, personal management rules,
– Tax / Legal management rules,

How is the system works?
–We get shortly brief from yourside according to your work style.
-We plan to your company type according to your activites for credit management, ext… (personal, ltd, llc..ext)
-We start to company establishment and support for all levels.
-We can support to your company for optimisation in every area.

As you well known, since middle of 2000 years, companies had started to merges or acquisitions due to global competation started to be hard. In this mean, companies had merged to their operations and products range for growth to their market share.

What is the benefits for merges or acquisitions:

Especially, this act can be a market leader if you didnt think about it!

You can be a leader company with all workers, plants, machines after merged or acquisied. However, you would be merged to your customers with other companies so, all kinds of products can sale with this customer profile. You will be get down to production cost with new manufacturing methods.

R&D, Know How, Marketing, Financial Growings, Brand Knowing…. Reach to Other things wil be easy for you.

So, what you need for this operations:

These key figures must know by Professionals and valued by her/himself, is it profitable or non act for you? Some investors can look at as profitable investment due to emotional things .

Since 2016 years, we start to meeting with several fund corporates for different things in business area. This funds can give MT760 for your foreign trade issues. However, for construciton or other projects, they can give funds under security insurance.