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Qualles Corporate Governance Management Consulting

For grabbing to 21 th Century Strategic Business Management, define to targets with fast changing conditions as important roles, design, user experience and innovation in competative advantages.

Your classic approaching and past is not give completely advantage when your shaping to Business. Need to clearly mind for smart and emotional steps for define to goal of your Business.

Meanwhile, QUALLES transfer to experiences in Business approach method as define to critical operations.

Accordingly, the results of some of our studies;

300% production efficiency for the manufacturer
60% annual turnover increase after marketing work for new product
150% increase in turnover by creating new sales channels
… and more


We support to your Business, Its starting from your Effiency of Purchasing Process to arrving to your customer, with development and system modelisation of Quality, Cost and Time processes, in match for True Product/Service, True Customers Needing.
A marketing strategy is created to develop the target market for sales targets and the vision and mission that the company wants to achieve, and positioning your brand to better internalize your customer around this strategy.
In order to capture your goals and make sure your budget is at the end of the year, all the costs and variables of your activities are structured according to the International Financial Modeling so that you can report them in clearer visuals.
With Customer Oriented Customer Management, we are actively working on creating new channels with an active customer portfolio that we are creating and presenting our portfolio and our large customer base with accurate targeted, effective and continuous customer management.