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Qualles Change Management Project

Our customer company is a producer of indoor-steel door panel and export to its products to more than 20 countries over the world. Daily production capacity was 120 doors and hiring to 28 people in its own. Logistic operations manage by outsource and raw materials providing by outsource without any responsible people.

There is no B.A degree person in plant and all operations are manage by without MRP programme.

Panel production is very special process that you will merge to MDF panel with coats in different types, with glue under pressure. You have to keep to best conditions press ground for maximum attaching between of MDF and coats.

Before this operations, all designs made by CNC machines to sized boards.

After our auditing and values for company;

Reduced to wastes as raw material, dead-walking. Offered to secondary production method and wastes are used. %60 recyling material won. Sawdust are valued and start to sell other producers for making pellet.

New work place ( Kaizen-Lean Manufacturing) plant get more space, and defined to will be sized boards. So, Cuted machine had started to work only two days instead of along week. All boards were addressed and according to order, CNC operators have started to find to boards, so blocking to time wastes. All produced boards, send to their addressed on plant.

Un-usefull staffs are leaved by company. New organisation scheme, new responsiblity and missions are defined by staffs. New qualified persons are staffed to company and 18 people have started to work for company in new organization.

Management Information Service have been lived in plant. New email address for necesarry locations, new pc, new production and logistic programme established in factory. In this period, blocking to lost orders, start to follow of production and logistics had been done!.

After our studies company production level will be 400 panels from 120 panels. Blocked to raw material wastes, and focused on work with 18 people.

Daily meetings had done !

All stuffs trained!