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Business Opportunities in Global Markets

Our mainly object is providing of materials or services in international markets that unproduced in domestic market.However, we want to increase of your profit as selling your more products of you.

The main source that used in our foreign services , comes firstly, sister companies and multinational colleagues that working in multinational companies in more years. However , our export experiences add value to us, as new friendship and tradeship.We increase to our studies with values that providing by government and other corporate’s foundations.

Today, we reached to 20 million US dollars in our foreign trade services with different commodities that made business over the world. The purpose of Our Strategic Foreign Trade Management is to try to increase the income margin of our exporter firms by finding customers abroad for selling to their products and for importers find to better price and high quality that need by them in produced from international markets.

Our services we brought together with you;

To meet satisfactory buyers for producers in market conditions, To bring satisfactory producers to buyers, All these activities are to keep the bridge alive and keep the associations alive.

Foreign Trade and Marketing Services with Economical, Attractive Prices and Effective Techniques

Our services we brought together with you;

To bring satisfying buyers to producers in market conditions, Buyer companies to meet the satisfactory suppliers to undertake the supply, All these activities are to keep the bridge alive and keep the associations alive.


Our services for our producers who want to find a market in foreign countries;
Foreign Market Research
Target Market Detection
Contacting potential customers
Price research
Confirmation of customer information and presence
Observing the bridge between the producer (exporter) and the buyer (importer) and ensuring necessary correspondence
Details of payment forms and delivery forms
Providing consultancy services in payment matters and in operational matters

One of the sources we have used for our related services is our familiarity with many countries that we have worked for years in multinational companies. Our colleagues from previous exports we have already provided are of great benefit to us. Our work is done.

Preliminary meetings can be made with the companies that can be worked on and can be visited to the buyer’s sample request / production facilities or negotiations in the countries where they are established. All expenditures made will belong to the exporter / importer company according to the student. At the end of these studies, work begins with the company which is deemed appropriate.

You will save staff, time and research expenses. For the 10 data banks we use for research, we will save about $ 45,000 annually.
We do the job for the companies that are found individually. We pay attention to all the details about the service you will give to the customer at the firm.
We help with commercial activities in the direction of our loyal contracts.
We assist in Banking and Shipping operations.