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As We QUALLES BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CENTER support to companies / persons about;

Market Research, Company Management, Company Establishment, Company Merges, Company Acquisition, Sell and Marketing, Export, Import, Financial management,Change Management, Invest Management, Foreign Trade, Business Matches, Credit Issues, OPEX Management, Quality Management, Legal Issues for Investors, in Production, Energy, FMCG, Informatics sectors in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, China since established day in 2009.

Qualles give service in Turkey, Romania, Senegal, Giunea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon countries with its branch offices.

Now, Qualles reached around 20 millon USD value since estabished day in Foreign Trade Services and increase to its value, with producers, buyers, sellers, transit trade, warehouses.

We are international awarded as Global Golden Company in the World and this award presented in New York, USA.

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History of QUALLES

2008- Qualles was named as platform with Quality and Lean Sigma words. The main object was preparing to Quality approach with update and recently tools.

2009- Qualles created as Management Consultancy Company that give to Small and Middle Companies for their Quality, EHS and Process management.

2010- Qualles Management Consultancy started to Foreign Trade Studies

2011- Qualles was named as Management Consultancy and Foreign Trade Services

2012- Qualles was started to relations Turkish Businessmen Chamber MÜSİAD and West Africa Countries

2013- Qualles was awarded as Best Global Golden Company in New York, U.S.A.

2014- Qualles increased to branch offices with new countries and strated to jobs in Romania

2015- Qualles started to Found Services and named as Business Advisory Services

2016- Qualles started to support of NGOs' Projects

2017- Qualles started to support Social Responsibility Projects


Our Packs

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Factory Production Line Audit

  • 1 time
  • General processes
  • Suggestions
  • Several Options
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Corporate Governance Consulting

  • Strategical Planning
  • Management and Organization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Balanced Scorecard
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Establishment Company Consulting

  • Legal Issues and Documents
  • Accountant Services
  • Corporate Identity
  • Place Agreement
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